About Andrew

About Andrew

I’m Andrew Hastie, the Federal Member for Canning and Assistant Minister for Defence

In my previous career I served as an officer in the Australian Defence Force, leading Aussie diggers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Darwin and the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in Perth.

It was a privilege to serve the people of Australia in uniform and it’s an honour to do so as your representative in Canberra.

I’m passionate about our local community and want to see it thrive. I'm working hard to deliver better infrastructure, essential services and job opportunities to make sure our region remains one of the best places to live in WA.

Australia faces many economic and strategic challenges in the decade ahead.

I am confident Australia can meet these challenges, as we have before in our nations' history.

It's an immense privilege to serve the Australian people as Assistant Minister for Defence. 

The Australian Defence Force is a vital institution in our life together as Australians. Its primary role is to defend our country and our values. 

My mission is that of every uniformed man and woman: to keep Australia safe.  

Andrew lives in Mandurah with his wife Ruth and his two young children, Jonathan and Beatrice. 

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