About Andrew

About Andrew

I’m Andrew Hastie, your Federal Member for Canning.

In my previous career I served as an officer in the Australian Defence Force, leading Aussie diggers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Darwin and the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in Perth.

It was a privilege to serve the people of Australia in uniform and it’s an honour to do so as your representative in Canberra.

I’m passionate about our local community and want to see it thrive. I'm working with locals to deliver better infrastructure, essential services and job opportunities to make sure our region remains one of the best places to live in WA.

I’m proud to be part of the Morrison Government. Our careful economic management means we're delivering the health, education and infrastructure services Australians need while keeping taxes down.

In Parliament I have led the push for stronger laws to combat terrorism, espionage and foreign interference, as well as better protections for Australia’s critical infrastructure.

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain I want to use my experience to make sure Australia remains strong, secure and prosperous.

Andrew lives in Mandurah with his wife Ruth and his two young children, Jonathan and Beatrice. 

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