Mandurah Road Pedestrian Bridge


The northern suburbs of Mandurah have grown rapidly in recent years. Yet the community is split by the busy Mandurah Road which is used by over 25,000 cars per day.

It means that residents of Madora Bay in particular are prevented safe and easy access to schools, the shopping centre, sports ovals, the future Lakelands train station and more.

The City of Mandurah is proposing to install a bridge between Madora Bay and Lakelands, with the help of the Morrison Government.

The pedestrian bridge would be installed at the Mandurah Road intersection of Madora Beach Road and Banksiadale Gate.

Do you think this bridge is a priority for Madora Bay and Lakelands? If you agree, please sign and let me know. 

Understanding your views helps me to fight for the right local issues and continue delivering for our community.


Andrew Hastie 
Your Federal Member for Canning

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