Drugs and Crime

Drug abuse is a scourge on the communities of the Peel region. It ruins families, destroys lives and wreaks havoc on neighbourhoods. There are no quick fixes for this problem but I believe that the best solutions are always found locally. 

That's why I've worked hard with the local community to bring about measures that will help tackle drug abuse and its terrible consequences. Together we have secured the PYMS Health Hub; the brainchild of GP Down South. PYMS will bring a wide range of health providers under one roof to provide a comprehensive package of preventative and rehabilitative healthcare for young people. A strong local campaign earlier this year also strengthened by case to the Minister for Health that the Peel region needs better mental health services for young people. As a result, a headspace will be part of the PYMS health hub. 

The federal government has also selected Mandurah to be a trial site for its Drug Testing Program. This will require randomly selected centreline recipients to undergo a drug test. If they test positive their benefit won't be taken away, but will be placed onto a cashless welfare debit card. Those who test positive will be required to undergo treatment, so they can get clean and job-ready. While at this stage it's only a trial, we hope this plan will help keep taxpayer's money out of the hands of drug dealers, and get help to the people who need it most.