Action on Drugs

Action on Drugs

Hastie's Action on Drug Abuse in the Peel Region

  • Health Hub for Young People in the Peel Region

  • Better Youth Mental Health Services

  • More Funding for Local Health Services

  • A Plan for Young Drug Users to get Drug-Free and Job-Ready

  • Drug Education Workshops for Young People


Drug abuse, youth suicide, and high unemployment are all major issues affecting young people in our community. Since first being elected in 2015, Andrew has worked with community leaders, state counterparts and federal government colleagues to tackle drug abuse. 

From his first week in office Mr Hastie began consulting with community groups and specialists through the Canning Ice Action Group. Reducing drug demand by expanding preventive programs, rehabilitative healthcare and support networks were identified as vital elements required in any program. 

To achieve this it was agreed that the Peel Youth Medical Service’s (PYMS) proposed Health Hub, which would bring together health and support providers under one roof, was the most effective means of implementing these measures.

Mr Hastie then led lobbying of his federal government colleagues to support the construction of the Peel Health Hub. Representations were made to multiple Ministers, most importantly to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Health Minister Susan Ley and Rural Health Minister Fiona Nash.

In June 2016 the Prime Minister announced that the Federal Government would support the Peel Health Hub, providing $2 million toward its construction. Following further lobbying, both the Liberal and Labor parties committed during the state election to provide the additional $5 million necessary to make the Health Hub a reality.

In addition to the Health Hub, Andrew also worked with the local community to secure more services to help youth mental health. A strong local campaign helped convince the Minister for Health that the Peel region needs a headspace facility, which will be part of the Health Hub. headspace recently opened at a temporary location in Mandurah.  

In October 2017 construction began on the PYMS Health Hub and in December 2018, we officially opened the new facility. 

The Heel Health Hub would not have been possible without the leadership of GP Down South, the backing of the Canning Ice Actin Group, and the community leaders and hundreds of local who supported out efforts. 


"The PYMS Health Hub is a game changer for our community. This facility is going to transform countless lives in the Peel Region."