Help me send Canberra a message!

Help me send Canberra a message!

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More and more people are voting with their feet and making a home for themselves in our local community. 

And it’s easy to understand why.

Our region’s natural beauty, proximity to the city and our laid back, easy-going lifestyle are just some of the attractions on offer.

In fact, our region has the fastest growing population in all of Western Australia.

However this growth has brought its own challenges.

Our local infrastructure – roads and rail – are holding our community back.

Which brings me to that important request…

There’s an old saying – it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

I’ve been making a lot of noise in Canberra, fighting for our community and for greater investment in the region.

And now I’m asking for your help.

If you’re sick of sitting in traffic, or your train commute is robbing you of time with your family, please sign my petition today and join me in sending Canberra a message.

We all know how congestion on our roads has put many people at risk.  It’s time for action.

Together we can make sure our region receives the attention and investment required to keep pace with our rapid population growth.

Petition text

To the Australian Government -

Our region has the fastest growing population in Western Australia.

But investment in infrastructure has not kept pace.

Our roads and rail are letting our community down and holding us back.

We are spending too much time in our cars and not enough with our families.

We call on the Australian Government to increase investment in our region in order to keep up with our population growth.

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