Take action today: Oppose the Point Grey Dredge

Take action today: Oppose the Point Grey Dredge

Our community is deeply concerned about plans to dredge the Peel Harvey Estuary.

But Tian An Australia is appealing the Shire of Murray’s decision to knock back their development.

The dredge would cut a channel right through the middle of our estuary. Everyone from local fisherman to environmental groups has spoken out in opposition to the devastating impact this could have.

But Tian An Australia, backed by Tian An China, doesn’t seem to care how we’re affected. 

By signing this petition today, you can take action against the Point Grey development.

Together we can protect our community by raising a public outcry that cannot be ignored. 

2,413 signatures

Will you sign?

I, the undersigned, oppose the Point Grey marina.

The Peel-Harvey Estuary is the lifeblood of my region.  This high risk project would have devastating effects on our local environment and community. 

The dangers of dredging our waterways far outweigh any benefits.