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  • World-Class Adventure Trails Are Coming To Dwellingup

    World-class mountain bike adventure trails are coming to Dwellingup, with the investment of almost $3.5 million by the Morrison Government.

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie announced this week that the Shire of Murray was successful in its application for $3,465,000 from the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).

    The Dwellingup Adventure Trails project will deliver 80 ongoing jobs to the town of Dwellingup and is expected to attract an additional 75,000 visitors to the Peel Region annually. Specific outputs of the project include:

    • The construction of 20km of mountain bike trails in Murray Valley
    • Realignment and improvement of 6km of the Munda-Biddi Trail
    • Construction of an additional 12km of trails linking into and out of Dwellingup
    • A new bridge across Murray River at Baden Powell reserve to join north and south mountain bike circuit
    • Increased parking at key trail sites around the trails network
    • Upgrades to sections of the Captain Fawcett 4WD trail
    • Sealing the 28km arterial road inside Lane Poole Reserve

    “The Peel Region is a beautiful place to live, work and play,” Mr Hastie said. “That’s why I’ve fought for funding from Canberra that will develop local job opportunities in the tourism industry.

    “This project will transform Dwellingup and surrounding areas into a world class trails destination.  We expect Dwellingup to attract trail riders from around Australia and the world. The flow on benefits to the Peel region will be immense, contributing to our entire local economy.

    “This grant comes in addition to the over $1.2 million we invested in 2017 to build the Dwellingup Trails Centre. That’s over $4.7 million we have delivered over the last two years to foster local jobs in tourism through this project alone.”

    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the Morrison Government is committed to ensuring Australia’s regions remain strong, resilient and prosperous in the long term.

    “We are supporting our regions through investing in important local infrastructure, as well as great community-building and planning initiatives under the Building Better Regions Fund and other Government priorities such as the Regional Growth Fund and our decentralisation agenda,” Mr McCormack said.

    “In this round we are also investing more than $70 million in regional tourism infrastructure, to support those many regional communities that rely on tourism to bolster their economy.

    “We have seen fantastic outcomes from the first two rounds, and this announcement continues our commitment to unlocking the economic potential of regional Australia and ensuring our regions continue to thrive.”

  • Wage Subsidy Trial for Local Apprentices, Small Business

    The Morrison government will invest $60 million to trial a wage subsidy as an incentive for employers in regional and rural communities to employ more apprentices.

    Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education Senator Michaelia Cash said the trial would see up to 1,630 new Australian Apprentices in areas of skills needs.

    “There are 3.3 million Australian small businesses which contribute around $395 billion annually to our economy. Small business plays a vital role in our community, from giving young Australians their first real job to supporting our local charities and sporting organisations,” Minister Cash said.

    “Through this incentive we are securing the skills our regional and rural businesses need to remain competitive and give local students new opportunities at home.”

    From 1 January 2019, the new subsidy under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program (AAIP), will support eligible new Australian Apprentices in areas such as plumbing, mechanical, electrical, painting trades and hairdressing.

    Toni Turner (left), owner of Madora Bay Glass, and their apprentice Harely (centre), with Andrew Hastie.

    “Too often regional communities suffer from a lack of opportunity for young people, causing an exodus to the cities,” said Member for Canning Andrew Hastie.

    “This trial is just one of the things the Coalition is doing to improve job opportunties for young people in the Peel region.”

    “A VET qualification can unlock as many opportunities and is just as important to the economy as a university degree,” Mr Hastie continued.

    “This investment is part of our Government’s commitment to vocational education and training that delivers the quality skilled workforce our community needs.”

    Mr Hastie said that under the subsidy ­eligible employers in the City of Mandurah and Shires of Murray, Waroona and Boddington could receive payments based on the apprentice’s relevant award wage rates.

    “Subsidies will be provided at 75 per cent of the apprentice’s award wage in the first year, followed with 50 per cent in the second year and 25 per cent in the third year.” 

    The new wage subsidy will complement other incentives currently available through the AAIP and support the engagement of eligible new full-time apprentices at the Certificate III and IV levels in occupations on the National Skills Needs List in regional and rural communities.

  • Better Roads and Rail for Canning

    Today the Prime Minister joined me in Mandurah to announce $824 million of federal funding to build three vital infrastructure projects for Canning. This is a major investment into our region.

    This is the culmination of many years of effort. We will extend and upgrade the Tonkin Highway, build Lakelands Train Station and give Byford locals access to rail.  

    These projects will transform the Peel Region in the best possible way. Thank you for signing my petitions, voicing your concerns, and telling your stories. Time and again, you have strengthened the case I've made in Canberra.

    Over half a billion dollars will improve and extend the Tonkin Highway southward into the heart of the Peel region. This will put Peel on the map, bringing more jobs and streamlining access to Canning. I’m happy to announce the hard work has paid off.

    The Tonkin Highway and Thomas Road intersection has become a severe bottleneck and safety hazard, causing heavy congestion to spill out onto many adjoining local roads. This chokes industrial growth and puts lives at risk. The new extension will connect Tonkin to the South Western Highway, south of Mundijong Road. It will enable free flowing traffic, and improve the safety of many local roads in SJ. 

    If you’re a FIFO worker an area like Pinjarra, North Dandalup or Greenfields, shorter commutes will mean more time at home with loved ones. The Tonkin Highway Extension will give you a direct route to the airport.

    John Mitchell, owner and operator of Mitchell’s Livestock Transport, moves over 500,000 cattle across 1,500 pick-up and delivery locations across Australia. Instead of using a patchwork of main streets and country roads that are unsuitable for heavy haulage, John will soon have access to a newly created North-South corridor.

    This is also great news for businessmen like Ron Bell, too. Ron built his business, Bells Engines, from scratch into a big operation with a global market. Although he’d like to expand while remaining local, a growing number of hurdles have forced him to consider leaving the Peel region.  

    The new Tonkin Highway extension is exactly what Ron and John need: better road access that will support their businesses.

    A further $241 million will extend the Armadale line to Byford. This is big news. Byford is the fastest growing local government area in Australia. If you live locally, the train will provide easy access to employment in Perth and beyond.

    Serpentine-Jarrahdale has undergone serious change over the past 10 years. I acknowledge the anxiety some feel about how the train line may impact our region. I’ll be following the project closely, to ensure the local community isn’t left behind.

    This morning the Prime Minister confirmed funding that will get the ball rolling on the Lakelands Train Station. Lakelands residents have been waiting over a decade for this to happen. In that time, the Lakelands population has tripled. $2 million has been allocated to develop the business case, and further funding has been set aside for the station's construction.

    We've fought hard for this infrastructure funding. This is a game changer for our region - thank you for your support.


  • New Nuts in Mandurah

    Mandurah-based developers have been given a boost to go global, thanks to a $519,245 innovation grant from the federal government. 

    Segnut Pty Ltd has developed a faster, safer fastening system with significant potential for the global industrial market. The nut design consists of an inner section with three segments, held captive by an outer sleeve. When the outer sleeve is turned in the tightening direction, the Segnut releases from the bolt and falls away. 

    “An innovative product like this is further evidence of the good things coming out of the Peel region,” Mr Hastie said. 

    “Segnut’s design is significantly safer for workers doing heavy industrial maintenance as it eliminates the need for oxy-cutting and other dangerous equipment. The increased efficiency it offers to maintenance will also mean significant savings for business.” 



    Segnut is one of eleven businesses to be offered $5 million in commercialisation grants announced by Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme. 

    “These grants will help the recipients to conduct commercialisation activities, proving the viability of their products, processes or services and preparing them for domestic and international markets,” Mr Laundy said. 

    “The businesses will also back themselves by matching the grant funding dollar-for-dollar, and the programme’s experienced Commercialisation Advisers will help them navigate this often challenging stage of product development.” 

    “Accelerating Commercialisation grants have already supported hundreds of projects across a wide range of industry sectors, and with Australian Government support, many are already achieving success in global markets.” 

    To date, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme has provided 264 businesses with commercialisation grants totalling $133.6 million.

  • Support for Workers in Mandurah


    Andrew Hastie MP has announced that retrenched workers in Mandurah will be eligible for assistance from the $10.3 million Stronger Transitions Package. 

    Mr Hastie said that Mandurah had been identified as one of five key regional areas Australia-wide that could access the package, which will focus on preparing workers in transitioning industries for jobs beyond their current employment. 

    “If workers do face retrenchment, the government will ensure there is support ready for them. That includes training and skills transitioning services, intensive jobactive support, relocation options and access to small business opportunities.” Mr Hastie said. 

    Mr Hastie said that support would begin prior to a worker’s retrenchment date and continue for months afterwards to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. 

    “Work confers dignity and gives purpose. This package is about saying to workers in Mandurah: the federal government has your back. We support you.” 

    Minister Michaela Cash, Minister for Employment said that from 1 July 2018, retrenched workers will receive targeted support to help them move into their next job. 

    “The Australian Government is offering additional support because evidence from the automotive industry shows that helping people before they are retrenched better prepares them to move to their next job, including the jobs of the future,” Minister Cash said. 

    “Stronger Transitions will help workers back into employment, with elements of the support package based on the highly successful automotive industry Growth Fund model where government and business worked together to connect workers with new opportunities.” 

    In addition to Mandurah, support will be made available in Adelaide, North Queensland, North/North-West Tasmania and Melbourne North/West.

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  • New centre to skill students for success

    Today’s opening of the Mandurah Trades Skills Centre at Coodanup Community College is a step toward growing employment opportunities in the Peel region.

    Under the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program, the federal government has contributed $3,285,000 to help transition local students from school into the workforce and on to careers.

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie welcomed the Training Centre, speaking of Mandurah’s need to equip students with high quality vocational skills.

    “It is great to be here and to see the federal government’s vision for vocational training become a reality in Coodanup,” Mr Hastie said.

    “We’re going through a time of technological change. That means much of our economy will be digitalised and service based, but we still need to train our youth for the nuts and bolts practical jobs that won’t disappear. 

    “The Centre will equip students with the real world skills they need to get a job in our transitioning economy,” said the Member for Canning.

    Mr Hastie welcomed the Centre’s inclusion of painting and construction workshops.

    “There are communities right across Australia that are facing skill shortages in trades like painting, plumbing and carpentry.

    “So the skills that students will develop at the Mandurah Trades Skills Centre will not only benefit Coodanup, they will be skills that could potentially put them on a pathway for jobs in industries anywhere in Australia.

    “I congratulate the entire school community for its foresight in getting this centre up and running,” he said.

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  • Peel Towns Qualify for Regional Funding

    Federal Member for Canning Andrew Hastie has urged organisations to apply for Round Two of the Australian Government’s Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF), with applications now open for funding to support further job creation and economic growth in regional and rural Australia.

    Mr Hastie said the Peel region had already benefitted from Round One, with $3 million delivered towards the Shire of Murray’s Dwellingup Trails Hub and Quambie Park’s Waroona Housing Options Village.

    “The Shires of Murray and Waroona put considerable effort into their submissions, and it’s great to see the Peel region will benefit as a result of their advocacy.

    “Job creation is a priority, and this program will bring local jobs for local residents. It will deliver jobs in construction, tourism and health care, and boost local businesses,” said the Member for Canning. 

    Andrew Hastie also said he was pleased to note that more rural towns in the Peel region are eligible in Round Two.

    “This decision recognises the rural character of the Peel region. While we have urban areas, particularly in the City of Mandurah, we are largely a rural region. This fund is designed to build economic growth in rural parts of Australia,” said Mr Hastie.

    “The Shire of Murray will now be able to include projects in towns such as Coolup, Nambeelup, Pinjarra, Fairbridge and North Dandalup. The City of Mandurah has also benefited with rural areas such as Parklands, Clifton and Herron now included in the eligible area.

    “The City of Mandurah can apply for funding for projects in high-density urban areas that are ineligible, so long as they demonstrate that the project will benefit the Peel region,” he said. 

    “I’ve already met with the Shires of Murray and Serpentine-Jarrahdale to discuss their priority projects, so now is the time to make these ideas a reality. With submissions closing on 19 December 2017 for both streams, I encourage all eligible organisations to get their application in,” said Mr Hastie.


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  • $3 million gets major local projects off the ground

    Strong advocacy for the Peel region has been vindicated today, with the announcement that two major local projects have won funding through the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie today announced that the expansion of Quambie Park Waroona and the Dwellingup National Trails Centre will become reality, with almost $3 million to be awarded to the two projects. 

    “This is a great result and evidence that the strong grassroots advocacy of the Peel region is being heard in Canberra,” Mr Hastie said.

    “I’ve been working for some time with Shire of Murray President Cr Maree Reid and CEO Dean Unsworth on the Dwellingup Trails Centre. I’ve also worked with Quambie Park CEO Nicole Gibbs, Chairperson Mike Walmsley and Board members on the Waroona Housing Options Village. We’re all very excited to see these projects get up.”

     “Both of these projects are worthy recipients of BBRF funding that will service and strengthen our local communities.”

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  • Employment Facilitator for Mandurah

    The Turnbull Government today announces funding for an Employment Facilitator for the Mandurah region in Western Australia to provide intensive support to local residents to help find employment or training opportunities.

    Minister for Employment, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash and Federal Member for Canning, Andrew Hastie MP said the Employment Facilitator for Mandurah will be critical in helping those affected by the transitioning West Australian economy.

    “The people of Mandurah are incredibly resilient, but we recognise that the community requires extra assistance to negotiate the transition period,” Minister Cash said.

    “The Coalition believes the best form of welfare is a job however we also recognise that the Peel region requires additional, targeted assistance - we are ensuring this on-the-ground support is delivered.”

    Mandurah has continued to show a high degree of labour market disadvantage, with an unemployment rate that has increased from 9.7 per cent in April 2016 to 10.3 per cent in April 2017, well above the national rate of 5.7 per cent.

    The role of the Employment Facilitator will be to work with local jobactive providers, employers and training services to ensure workers have the skills they need to re-enter the workforce and provide them with opportunities for retraining and further education.

    Federal Member for Canning, Mr Andrew Hastie MP, said he looked forward to the appointment and hoped that local workers would take advantage of the Facilitator’s local knowledge and experience.

    “An Employment Facilitator will be a very valuable and accessible on-the ground resource for the people of Mandurah,” Mr Hastie said.

    “The Government’s immediate priority is to ensure local workers affected by Western Australia’s transitioning economy receive fast, comprehensive support to get back into the workforce as quickly as possible."

    An Employment Facilitator will be appointed from 1 August 2017 for three years, with a tender process now underway to find a suitable appointee.

    The Employment Facilitator will join other Department of Employment programs in the region, including six jobactive providers, a Work for the Dole coordinator, and a Transition to Work provider.