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  • Historic Aged Care Investment in Mandurah

    Two new aged care homes with a combined capacity of over 260 are coming to Mandurah, Member for Canning Andrew Hastie has announced today.

    The announcement comes as part of the biggest expansion of residential aged care in Australian history, with $967 million being committed by the Morrison Government.

    The commitment to Mandurah represents an investment of over $17.5 million per year.

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie said the new places will provide a welcome and much-needed boost to aged care services in the Peel Region.

    “This is historic investment for our region - over $17.5 million every year to deliver 264 local residential aged care places for people in Mandurah.”

    “The need for more aged care facilities was an issue that regularly popped up during my 2017 town hall meetings. A lot of people would tell me that they grew up in this area, retired in this area and wanted to spend the rest of their life here. The problem was Mandurah just didn’t have the capacity to cater for them.”

    "Now, they'll be able to seamlessly transition and stay within their local community, which is great news.”

    "If we actually have options for people in the local community it will make that move much smoother and they'll be less anxious around the transition. So, this not only has benefits for people that need the additional assistance of the aged care, there are also mental health benefits as well.”

    “People want to know the government listens and takes their concerns seriously. That’s what the Morrison Government is doing. We are listening and delivering.”

    "I'm just really excited for our community.”

    In Mandurah the Morrison Government is partnering with aged care service providers Signature Care and Opal Aged Care. The providers will build two new aged care facilities and the ongoing cost of servicing residents will be met by the Government.

    Opal Aged Care’s facility will provide an additional 120 places on Leisure Way in Halls Head. When complete the site will include a combination of single rooms and companion rooms, all with ensuites. The home will also meet the needs of those requiring high care, dementia specific care and feature communal spaces including café, hairdresser, consulting suite, dining, lounge and audio rooms. There will an 18-place dementia specific care area with a supportive lifestyle program. 20 places will be prioritised for people with limited financial means. Opal Halls Head will also offer 2,190 respite days annually to support older members of the community who live in proximity to the home.

    Dawesville Aged Care, to be built by Signature Care, will provide 144 residential places on Bailey Road in Dawesville. The home will offer accommodation cater for all needs including dementia specific services and respite services. The 144 places will be configured as single rooms divided into two wings of 36 places and four dementia specific units of 18 beds each. This will include dedicated capacity for financially disadvantaged residents. Each room will have its own ensuite and an external patio area. Some rooms will include a connecting door to cater for couples. The home will have large dining rooms, lounge rooms, and dayrooms and other recreational areas throughout the home including a community hub and café. There will be a wellness centre, a chapel, meeting rooms, formal dining rooms, hairdresser, doctors consulting room, activity rooms, men’s shed, cooking display, craft rooms and internet & library areas. External areas will be landscaped, have covered entertaining areas and will be secure.

    The Morrison Government has committed $907 million a year to provide a record 13,500 new residential aged care places across Australia – plus $60 million capital works investment to finance construction of new and extended aged care homes.

    The $967 million expansion is part of our Government’s $5 billion aged care boost and is about giving older Australians more choices for longer and better lives.

    It represents an increase of more than 36 per cent on the 9,911 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) places announced in 2016–17.

    Under this arrangement annual aged care funding throughout Australia will grow from $18.1 billion to $23.6 billion a year by 2022-23.

  • $10 Million for Lakelands Train Station

    The Morrison Government will be getting the people of Mandurah home sooner and safer with an additional $10 million to build the Lakelands train station.

    Mr. Hastie has championed the construction of a train station in Lakelands since the promise of one was first brought to his attention by residents in 2016. It will be the second station in the City of Mandurah and fill a 23km gap in the Mandurah rail line.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the important thing was that people would be spending less time on the road and more time with their loved ones.

    “That is why we are investing in public transport infrastructure and that will make a real difference to people living in fast-growing suburbs,” the Prime Minister said.

    ”This will help families and businesses get back valuable time.”

    Mr Hastie said the $10 million toward Lakelands train station came in addition to the $2 million delivered last year by the Liberals for the station’s business case. It will be used in the early works of the station’s construction.

    “Lakelands residents first raised the prospect of building a train station with me while I was door knocking the neighborhood in 2016. They explained that the promise of a train station had been included in the suburb’s development proposal. Many bought their first home or chose to retire in Lakelands because of that promise, some as long ago as 2006.”

    “A train station in Lakelands means that residents from the north of Mandurah won’t have to travel south by car before catching a train north to the city. That will mean fewer cars clogging up our roads and less pressure on the Mandurah train station car park.”

    “It will also mean easier access to more jobs and services for the people of Lakelands.”

     “We are committing $10 million today because this project needs leadership. WA Labor have ignored the people of Lakelands and refused to commit to the station. The Morrison Government is putting money on the table to get things started.

    “This train station is a priority for the Morrison Government because it is a priority for the people of Lakelands.”

  • MRIs Now Fully Bulk Billed at SKG Mandurah

    Patients in Mandurah and the Peel region will now be able to access lifesaving scans for cancer, stroke, heart and other medical conditions, with the Morrison Government announcing a new MRI licence for SKG Radio.

    This MRI licence means locals will be able to access a Medicare rebate for an estimated 3,719 services a year – saving lives and reducing the costs for patients.

    “This is really exciting news for our community,” said Member for Canning, Andrew Hastie.

    “Thanks to this investment by the Morrison Government, patients across the Peel region will have access to eligible bulk-billed MRI scans. They will no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for the service.”

    “Families shouldn’t have to worry about whether a trip to the doctor will require an expensive MRI they can’t afford,” said Mr Hastie. “We’re making healthcare more affordable in Mandurah.”

    “Patients will receive the Medicare-covered MRI services from March.”

    An MRI is a commonly used medical scan which gives a detailed view of the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, ligaments, brain tissue, discs and blood vessels.

    It is used by doctors to diagnose and monitor a number of different medical conditions including cancer, trauma and sporting injuries.

    Minister for Health Greg Hunt said the Liberal National Government is helping Australians stay healthy and keeping down the cost of healthcare for families.

    “Our plan for a strong economy means we continue to deliver record funding for essential services such as Medicare, public hospitals and life-saving medicines,” Minister Hunt said.

    “Not only will our new Medicare support ensure patients get better treatment and save money, it will also cut down the amount of time patients travel to get a scan.”

    “Our investment in MRI licences of over $375 million over the forward estimates for 50 new locations around the country delivers on the Government’s commitment to improve access and outcomes for patients.”

    “Unlike Labor we have also committed to reduce the cost for patients by indexing targeted diagnostic imaging services including mammography, fluoroscopy, CT scans and interventional procedures.

    “Under the Liberal National Government, Medicare spending is guaranteed and increasing every year from $24 billion in 2017–18 to $28.8 billion in 2021–22 to support health care for every Australian.”

    “The Government is committed to delivering improved health services which includes increased hospital funding with an extra $8 billion for hospitals taking it to $29.5 billion over five years,” Minister Hunt said.

    The Liberal National Government’s strong economic management ensures the continued record investment of funding into vital health initiatives including mental health, life-saving medicines, Medicare and hospitals.

  • $25 Million Delivered for the Peel Health Campus

    The Liberal National Government is investing $25 million to upgrade the Peel Health Campus (PHC), improving important health services for people in Mandurah and the Peel region.

    The Community Health and Hospitals Fund will deliver $21 million for the expansion of the Emergency Department, the construction of a new Community Mental Health facility and a refurbishment of the Medical Imaging Department. $4 million will also be provided, for a residential eating disorder treatment centre.

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie said the announcement was a vindication of the local community’s efforts.

    “Today is a victory for the people of Mandurah,” Mr Hastie said.

    “In May last year hundreds of local people joined Member for Dawesville Zak Kirkup and I at a rally where we called on the WA Government to properly fund the Peel Health Campus. 

    “We have kept up the pressure on the state government since the rally, because as everyone in Mandurah knows, we need a better hospital.” 

    “For over 280 days since hundreds of local people have signed our petitions, written letters and put up yard signs, all calling for a better deal for PHC.”

    “Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt listened to what our community was saying, and worked with me to find a solution.”

    “$25 million from the Morrison Government will be used for a significant upgrade to the Emergency Department, refurbishment of the Imaging Department, and construction of a new Community Mental Health Facility, which will include a residential eating disorder treatment centre.” 

    “This is the most significant investment into the Peel Health Campus since it was opened in 1997,”

    Minister for Health, Greg Hunt congratulated Member for Canning, Andrew Hastie on the result and said the funding will enable the hospital to meet the growing demand in Mandurah and the Peel region.

    “Andrew Hastie and the Mandurah community led a strong campaign last year calling for better services at the Peel Health Campus,” Minister Hunt said.

    “They shone a light on an important local issue and the Liberal National Government is taking action.”

    "This $25 million investment demonstrates our commitment to improving health services throughout Australia and to building a world class health system.”

    “By delivering our plan for a strong economy we can make investments in projects like the Peel Health Campus that West Australians want and need.”

    “We can only make investments like this through our new Community Health and Hospitals Fund because we’ve got a plan for a stronger economy and we’re bringing the Budget back to balance.” 

    “I commend the Member for Canning Andrew Hastie and State Member for Dawesville Zak Kirkup MLA for their dedication to the people of Mandurah and to this hospital, it shows the power of what a local community and its government representatives can do by working together.” Mr Hunt said.

    The population of Mandurah has doubled since the Peel Health Campus was commissioned in 1997. The hospital currently undertakes 1100 operations per month, delivers 1200 babies each year, and sees 45,000 emergency department attendances per annum.

    Mr Hastie and Mr Kirkup collected over 1000 local signatures in their campaign to upgrade the hospital. They also printed yard signs for members of the public to display calling on the state government to improve the hospital. The signs kept count of the time passed since their rally in May 2018, and were updated every ten days.


  • Mandurah Drug Testing Trial One Step Closer

    The Coalition’s proposed Drug Testing Trial in Mandurah is one step closer to becoming reality, with its legislation passing the House of Representatives.

    The Bill was passed with unanimous support by the Coalition, despite opposition from the Labor Party.

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie supported the Bill, arguing it complemented action already taken by the Coalition in Mandurah. 

    “In Mandurah, the Drug-Testing Trial is part of a multipronged approach to fighting local drug abuse. The Coalition has invested in improving health services through the PYMS Health Hub and headspace, and in school education programs. And now with this program we’re directly identifying and coming alongside the people who need help.”

    “The Drug Testing Trial provides further funding for local drug treatment services, and, crucially, it helps keep taxpayers' money out of the hands of drug dealers.”

    The Trial is an innovate approach by the Coalition to assist job seekers struggling with substance abuse. Under the program, recipients of Youth Allowance and Newstart in Mandurah may be required to undergo a random drug test.

    Those who test positive will have 80% of their payments placed on Income Management- still available to buy essentials, but unable to be withdrawn as cash. None of their payment will be cancelled.

    Those who test positive a second time will be referred to a medical professional and have treatment for substance abuse incorporated into their Centrelink Job Plan.

    As one of three trial sites, Mandurah will share in $10 million to boost local drug-treatment capacity and support.

    Mr Hastie argued that the trial’s design expected nothing more from jobseekers than would be expected in employment.

    “Drug addiction is a huge barrier to long-term employment. Many jobs today require regular drug tests. I was tested in my previous career. Drug testing is common in the mining industry, one of the biggest employers in WA. Even the City of Mandurah, who has opposed this trial, drug tests its employees.”

    “Helping people get a job is the entire point of Newstart and Youth Allowance. So rather than letting these people be forgotten in the system, potentially for years with no change, the Drug Testing Trial identifies them early to receive the help they need to become drug-free and job ready.”

    “The feedback I’ve received indicates that most people in Mandurah intuitively understand the sense in this plan. Many are already randomly tested at work and can't see the controversy. Others are actually surprised it doesn't happen already.

    Mr Hastie acknowledged some members of the community had told him politicians should be tested as well. 

    “One of the more common objections that people have made about the Drug Testing Trial is to suggest politicians should be drug tested; that we should be setting the standard. I understand the sentiment.”

    “Recently, I met with Brian Lloyd of Drug-Safe Workplaces Western Australia. Drug-Safe Workplaces collaborates with employers, staff and unions to implement drug and alcohol testing. Brian believes that drug testing should not be punitive and that it should be pre-emptive. By identifying early when someone has encountered substance abuse, we can act and help them before things get out of hand.”

    “After speaking with Brian, and in light of some of the feedback it seems appropriate to lead by example. So next week, my team and I will undergo the same test proposed by this legislation.”

    “Let's remember that this program is a trial. The government is trying something new in a further attempt to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

    “This is sensible, practical and popular policy. Labor will have to answer to the Mandurah community if they continue to block the peoples' will.”

    The Bill now goes before the Senate. 

  • New Nuts in Mandurah

    Mandurah-based developers have been given a boost to go global, thanks to a $519,245 innovation grant from the federal government. 

    Segnut Pty Ltd has developed a faster, safer fastening system with significant potential for the global industrial market. The nut design consists of an inner section with three segments, held captive by an outer sleeve. When the outer sleeve is turned in the tightening direction, the Segnut releases from the bolt and falls away. 

    “An innovative product like this is further evidence of the good things coming out of the Peel region,” Mr Hastie said. 

    “Segnut’s design is significantly safer for workers doing heavy industrial maintenance as it eliminates the need for oxy-cutting and other dangerous equipment. The increased efficiency it offers to maintenance will also mean significant savings for business.” 



    Segnut is one of eleven businesses to be offered $5 million in commercialisation grants announced by Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy under the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme. 

    “These grants will help the recipients to conduct commercialisation activities, proving the viability of their products, processes or services and preparing them for domestic and international markets,” Mr Laundy said. 

    “The businesses will also back themselves by matching the grant funding dollar-for-dollar, and the programme’s experienced Commercialisation Advisers will help them navigate this often challenging stage of product development.” 

    “Accelerating Commercialisation grants have already supported hundreds of projects across a wide range of industry sectors, and with Australian Government support, many are already achieving success in global markets.” 

    To date, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme has provided 264 businesses with commercialisation grants totalling $133.6 million.

  • Support for Workers in Mandurah


    Andrew Hastie MP has announced that retrenched workers in Mandurah will be eligible for assistance from the $10.3 million Stronger Transitions Package. 

    Mr Hastie said that Mandurah had been identified as one of five key regional areas Australia-wide that could access the package, which will focus on preparing workers in transitioning industries for jobs beyond their current employment. 

    “If workers do face retrenchment, the government will ensure there is support ready for them. That includes training and skills transitioning services, intensive jobactive support, relocation options and access to small business opportunities.” Mr Hastie said. 

    Mr Hastie said that support would begin prior to a worker’s retrenchment date and continue for months afterwards to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. 

    “Work confers dignity and gives purpose. This package is about saying to workers in Mandurah: the federal government has your back. We support you.” 

    Minister Michaela Cash, Minister for Employment said that from 1 July 2018, retrenched workers will receive targeted support to help them move into their next job. 

    “The Australian Government is offering additional support because evidence from the automotive industry shows that helping people before they are retrenched better prepares them to move to their next job, including the jobs of the future,” Minister Cash said. 

    “Stronger Transitions will help workers back into employment, with elements of the support package based on the highly successful automotive industry Growth Fund model where government and business worked together to connect workers with new opportunities.” 

    In addition to Mandurah, support will be made available in Adelaide, North Queensland, North/North-West Tasmania and Melbourne North/West.

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  • New centre to skill students for success

    Today’s opening of the Mandurah Trades Skills Centre at Coodanup Community College is a step toward growing employment opportunities in the Peel region.

    Under the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program, the federal government has contributed $3,285,000 to help transition local students from school into the workforce and on to careers.

    Member for Canning Andrew Hastie welcomed the Training Centre, speaking of Mandurah’s need to equip students with high quality vocational skills.

    “It is great to be here and to see the federal government’s vision for vocational training become a reality in Coodanup,” Mr Hastie said.

    “We’re going through a time of technological change. That means much of our economy will be digitalised and service based, but we still need to train our youth for the nuts and bolts practical jobs that won’t disappear. 

    “The Centre will equip students with the real world skills they need to get a job in our transitioning economy,” said the Member for Canning.

    Mr Hastie welcomed the Centre’s inclusion of painting and construction workshops.

    “There are communities right across Australia that are facing skill shortages in trades like painting, plumbing and carpentry.

    “So the skills that students will develop at the Mandurah Trades Skills Centre will not only benefit Coodanup, they will be skills that could potentially put them on a pathway for jobs in industries anywhere in Australia.

    “I congratulate the entire school community for its foresight in getting this centre up and running,” he said.

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  • Canning Wins a headspace

    The people of Canning achieved a big win on Thursday, with the Minister for Health Greg Hunt annoucing that a headspace facility will be established in Mandurah.

    The announcement comes after an extended campaign by local youth health service providers and federal MP Andrew Hastie. 

    Andrew Hastie said young people in Canning faced many challenges and this new service would provide a significant boost of support.

    “The establishment of a headspace in Mandurah is a victory for the people of Canning,” Mr Hastie said.

    “Eleanor Britton and the team at GP Down South have collected over 3000 signatures in support of a headspace in Mandurah. It’s thanks to this groundswell of community support that our efforts have been successful."

    “The challenges we face in youth mental health are significant, but the inclusion of a headspace within the Peel Youth Medial Service (PYMS) Health Hub will be an important part of the solution.

    “Early intervention is absolutely critical to helping young people with mental health issues. The Mandurah headspace will deliver front-line services and coordinate the right interventions for at risk young people.

    “Today’s announcement shows the federal government is listening and responding to the difficulties faced in the Peel region. I thank Minister for Health Greg Hunt for being so receptive to our calls for help."

    The Minister was in Mandurah yesterday to make the announcement, saying Mandurah was the third location in Australia to receive one of ten new headspaceyouth mental health services. 

    “I am committed to ensuring that Australians can get information, advice, counselling or treatment, when and where they need it,” Minister Hunt said.

    “In particular I want to thank Andrew Hastie for his unwavering determination in building the case for the Mandurah headspace.”

    The Turnbull Government is investing an extra $28.9 million for ten new headspaceservices, in regional and rural communities, bringing the total number of centres to 110 by 2019.

    headspace offers early intervention for 12 to 25 year olds in four key areas – mental health, related physical health, social and vocational support, and alcohol and other drug use.

    Mandurah headspace will now begin a planning phase with services expected to be available within 12 months.