WA’s Share of the GST

No matter where I go in Canning, the same question gets asked: what’s your view on the GST?

The answer is really quite simple: WA’s current share of the GST is unfair and something has to be done about it.

I understand the frustration of watching West Australian taxes go to the eastern states, with little more than 30 cents on the dollar come back. I also understand the impatience people feel; why isn’t this fixed already?

In a nutshell, we need a lasting solution that can’t be abused by in the future to disadvantage WA. That’s why the federal government has ordered a review by the Productivity Commission to figure out how they system can be improved.



My WA Federal Liberal colleagues and I have met with the Prime Minister in Canberra to advocate for a fairer share of GST for WA and made a submission to the Commission.

My position is clear. I support a floor of a minimum of 70 cents and believe the system should encourage states to develop their resource economy as WA has done.

I strongly encourage you to check out the difference between WA Federal Liberals’ and WA Federal Labor’s submissions to the Productivity Commission on this matter – you’ll see that WA Labor has suggested no changes.

I’m currently circulating a GST petition that I will present to the Prime Minister. I’d appreciate your support for a fairer share for WA, so feel free to drop by my office to add your signature.