Stand with Me and Stop the Voice

We need to STOP THE VOICE before it’s too late. 

We saw the chaos, confusion and unfairness of Labor’s Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act laws. 

WA Labor’s unworkable and divisive laws were so damaging to our community, that Premier Roger Cook pulled them after just a few short weeks.

Soon we will see more of the same with the ‘VOICE’.

Except the Voice can't be scrapped like bad legislation, changes to the constitution are PERMANENT. 

We know that Anthony Albanese has promised his radical activist mates that he would deliver an Indigenous treaty after the referendum.

Remember, last year, on election night—brimming with emotion in the glow of victory—the Prime Minister’s first instinct was to double down on implementing the Uluru Statement “in full”.

This means Voice, Treaty, 'Truth'. 

Generations of Australians to come will suffer if we do not stop the 'Voice' now. Hard working Australians like you will be forced to "pay the rent" to radical activists like Alex Mayo. 

We can’t risk Labor and the Voice. Sign up now to stand with me.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Hastie MP
Your Federal Member for Canning


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Stand with me against the 'Voice' to Parliament. 

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