Petition: Say No To Labor's Family Car and Ute Tax

There's only one thing you can expect from a Labor government—and that’s higher taxes.

Despite Australians grappling with a cost-of-living crisis, Labor is now coming for our cars.

Labor has rammed through parliament a carbon tax on new petrol, diesel, and hybrid vehicle models to subsidise the cost of electric vehicles.

It’s going to add thousands of dollars to your new utes and 4WDs, coming into effect just after the next election.

I’ve been contacted by local car dealerships who are warning that Labor’s tax will be detrimental to their industry and will threaten local jobs.

You shouldn’t have to subsidise unreliable electric vehicles.

If you agree, sign the petition below to say NO to Labor’s car and ute tax.


8,468 signatures

Australians shouldn't be penalised for buying a new car. 

Labor claims their new tax will result in lower costs for new cars. 

How does this work if people can't afford to buy one in the first place?

Anthony Albanese—we are sick of your government increasing taxes. 

Keep your hands off our cars. 

Will you sign?