Petition: Stop Labor's Massive Mandurah Offshore Wind Farm

Anthony Albanese is obsessed with renewables. 

The Government is failing to meet their 82% renewables plan, so they're proposing reckless renewable projects to bolster their climate change credentials. 

Labor is planning to lock up nearly 8,000 square kilometres of coast for an offshore wind farm 20 kilometres off the coast of Mandurah, all the way down to Dunsborough. 

What will this do to our coastal lifestyle? What will this do to recreational and commercial fishing? 

You'll never see a 120-metre-tall wind turbine in Cottesloe. 

Labor is coming for our community and our coastal lifestyle.

They don't care that wind turbines fuelling their green dreams are built in countries like China. 

And they don't care that you're paying higher power bills because of their pursuit of renewables. 

Anthony Albanese thinks our community should carry the burden of his radical energy policies.

Sign the petition below to help show Labor that the people of Mandurah and the Peel Region shouldn't be their collateral damage.

Andrew Hastie
Your Federal Member for Canning


11,793 signatures

Anthony Albanese—our community loves our coastal lifestyle. 

It's one of the many reasons why people choose to live here. 

We don't want to see 7,674 square kilometres of wind farm when we look out to the sea.

Our community doesn't want to carry the burden of replacing proven coal and gas power with renewables. 

I'm calling on you to abandon this reckless wind farm proposal. 

Will you sign?