Communications Minister Visits Canning

Community members, Shire Councillors and the Member for Canning Andrew Hastie invited Minster for Communications, the Hon Mitch Fifield, to view the Pickering Brook NBN fixed wireless tower, which is scheduled to be switched on this month.

The construction of the fixed wireless tower represents a victory for the people of Pickering Brook, who successfully renegotiated its location with the shire and NBN Co after concerns were raised about potential impacts on health and visual amenity.

“I was first contacted in March 2016 by Justin Mercy, a resident of Pickering Brook, who alerted me to residents’ concerns about the planned location of NBN’s new fixed wireless tower,” said Mr Hastie. “The proposed site was on McCorkill Rd, very close to homes and the school, and locals were understandably unhappy about it.” 

“I sat down with Justin and others to hear their concerns, with the Shire of Kalamunda then facilitating a meeting between key residents and NBN Co to discuss other possible locations. The community agreed that the Pickering Brook Sports Club would be the most suitable location. Representations were also made to Minister Fifield to advocate for this site.”

“Thanks to the advocacy of the local community and Shire Council, the tower has been built at the preferred location, the Pickering Brook Sports Club.”

During the Minister’s visit Andrew Hastie also hosted a forum between the Minister, Telstra, NBN Co and hills residents who have experienced difficulties with the NBN rollout.

 “It has been valuable to hear from the community about their NBN and mobile telecommunications experiences in Canning.  The NBN is almost 80% complete in the electorate and I am pleased with the overwhelmingly positive experience people are having transitioning to the new network.  The Government is working closely with the NBN and retail service providers to ensure that community expectations are being met and that people are receiving the level of service they expect on the network.  It is important that people know what products are available to them and that they order a service that will suit their individual needs.” Minister Fifield said.

Residents of Canning can visit for information about network availability at their address. The website also provides information about retail service providers and other details to assist consumers in planning and arranging their move to the NBN.