At Last! The Train Is Coming To Lakelands.

After over 10 years waiting the Lakelands Train Station will be built, thanks to the commitment and funding of the Morison Government.

Full funding for the station was confirmed today as part of a $868 million infrastructure investment by the federal government in WA.
80% of the funding will be contributed by the federal government, to a total of $64 million.

The remaining 20% will be contributed by the state government. The project is expected to cost $80 million and create 200 jobs.

Design and development is underway, with construction expected to commence in late 2020.

“This is a fantastic day for the people of north Mandurah,” Mr Hastie said. “I was first made aware that locals wanted a train station in Lakelands while doorknocking in 2016. Promises had been made to them, but progress had stalled years go. I said I would fight for the station."

“Many residents have told me how they bought homes or invested in the area because the development included a local train station. For some, that was 10 years ago. Now finally that promise will be kept.”

“For a long time, no one expected this station would ever happen. We were told the state government wouldn’t fund it, that it wasn’t a priority, that it wasn’t needed.

“But our community persisted. First, we secured $2 million for a business case in the previous federal budget. Then the Morrison Government committed $10 million for stage 1 works. At the May federal election, the Liberals promised a further $25 million.

“And now, thanks to the persistence of our community, the station is fully funded."

“This station will be easily accessible on foot and bicycle. It will mean faster commutes to Perth, better access to job opportunities and fewer cars on the road and at the Mandurah Train Station.”

“This is a victory for our whole community and I’m very excited to see it happen.”

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