Parliamentary Speech: Mark McGowan You Are On Notice!

Today I rise to put Mark McGowan on notice. Tomorrow the WA Premier will deliver his state budget, and it's time he did what the people of the Peel region trusted him to do: to invest in and fix our local hospital—the Peel Health Campus, for those on the other side. Since 2018 I have been campaigning with the local community for WA Labor to upgrade the Peel Health Campus—and, in that time, Labor has done nothing. Despite WA boasting the only state government surplus in Australia, our hospital system is beset with issues. At Peel Health Campus, chronic staff and bed shortages and dated facilities have led to poor service delivery. Let me be clear: these are not issues caused by the hardworking hospital staff, who do an incredible job, often in challenging circumstances. Instead, these issues have been caused by Labor's mismanagement and neglect.

We now have a health system struggling to provide the high-quality care our local community needs. Last week, in a pre-budget announcement, the Premier announced an investment of $1.2 billion in health infrastructure. But only $6.5 million has been earmarked for the Peel Health Campus for a transformation program which is scant on details. We've been let down again. Throwing a few coins at our hospital won't solve our local health crisis. The Premier needs to get on with the job along with his team in Mandurah and deliver an upgrade to the Peel Health Campus.