Media Release: AUKUS Announcement Is A Boost For The Peel Region


Tuesday 14 March 2023


Andrew Hastie MP, Member for Canning, welcomes the announcement made by Prime Minister Albanese, alongside US President Biden and UK Prime Minister Sunak, regarding the development of Australia’s first submarines under AUKUS.

Mr Hastie noted AUKUS was not just a defence announcement but was also important economic news for the people of the Peel region. 

Mr Hastie said, “The preparation for the arrival of US and UK nuclear submarines in 2027 will result in the investment of billions into HMAS Stirling, and an immediate boost to the Peel Region’s economy.

“The job opportunities from AUKUS will be a huge lift to Mandurah and the Peel Region. 

“This is great news for the many people in our community who have to travel and work away from home for extended periods, especially those in FIFO industries, as these jobs will be closer to home,” Mr Hastie said.

Mr Hastie further noted that the development of AUKUS would provide massive job opportunities for young people, including those seeking apprenticeships, interested in joining the Navy, or interested in working in the advanced technology industry.

“For those focused on a career in nuclear science, one of the most important and exciting industries in the world, there will be plenty of job prospects to explore. This is big news for everyone in the Peel Region,” Mr Hastie added.

The concept of AUKUS was first conceived by Coalition Prime Minister Scott Morrison in 2019, with the development process commencing in 2020. 

Today’s announcement is an endorsement of the Coalition’s decision to pursue the acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines.