My Comments On The Voice

Good decision-making requires clarity of mind.

You will face a big decision in the ballot box later this year.

This decision will shape our country for generations to come.

We need clarity on this one, so let me lay it out for you:

- Prime Minister Anthony Albanese wants to upend 122 years of Australian representative democracy and introduce a new body—the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice—into our constitution.

- Membership will be based on race, and it won’t be directly accountable to the Australian people through elections.

- It will have a say on the laws passed in our Parliament and also decisions made by our government.

The Voice will affect your life, and you won’t even get a say.

Think of the Voice as the equivalent to the British House of Lords—where your family and connections matter more in getting ahead than your own hard work.

That doesn’t sound like modern Australia to me.

That’s why I’ll be voting NO in the ballot box, and I urge you to do the same.

Here are two straightforward reasons to vote NO:

1. The Voice strikes a blow at fairness and equality.

Australia is the land of the ‘Fair Go’, where migrants can settle and get ahead by hard work.

The Voice will undermine equality of citizenship by creating special privileges and rights for one group of people over the rest of Australians.

This will damage our social cohesion.

2. The Voice will undermine our representative system of government.

It will have a say on all our laws. It will have a say on all government decisions—from submarines to parking tickets. It will have a greater say than the rest of us.

Our system has been tested over the last 122 years—through two world wars, a constitutional crisis and the recent pandemic. It’s not perfect, but it does the job.

The Voice will fundamentally change it—for the worse. There will be less accountability, more bureaucracy and more special interests than ever before.

That’s why I’m voting NO.

It is down to us to protect the good things we’ve inherited, and that means stopping Anthony Albanese changing our shared rule-book.