Parliamentary Speech: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act



Today I call on WA Labor to delay the implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act.

Rammed through Parliament in 2021, these laws come into effect on July 1 [next Saturday].

And the lack of consultation has caused confusion and distress.

But I want to be clear, this law will affect everyonelocal councils, shires, businesses, farmers, and homeowners.

Every Western Australian with more than 1,100 square metres of land will be impactedrequiring a permit for activities such as clearing trees or building a fence line.

Farmers will have to gain a permit to install a new stock watering pointpaying a consultant up to $160 an hour plus field and travel expenses.

Debbie, a farmer from WA’s mid-west, is looking to invest in trackyards, rehydration stations, and fencing over the coming years.

She’s worried the costs will be crippling.

“It’s like they could hold us to ransom…”

A petition calling for the Act to be delayed attracted nearly 30,000 signaturesbut WA Labor continues to ignore our concerns.

This issue casts serious doubt on Labor's ability to handle the Voice proposal.

If they mishandle this law, how can we trust Federal Labor with an equally risky, permanent Voice that lacks any concrete details?

No wonder so many are rejecting Labor’s Voice.

It’s time for WA Labor to listen to the people and postpone the implementation of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act immediately.