Parliamentary Speech: Bring It On Albo!

I was going to talk about the opening of the Lakelands train station in a few weeks time in Canning, something I'm very proud of, but I want to address the Prime Minister's remarks in caucus yesterday, when he indicated he was targeting Canning at the next election. Well, I say in return, Prime Minister, bring it on and do your worst, because we love a contest and WA Labor has completely overlooked my region.

Everyone is so busy handing out bouquets to Mark McGowan, they've forgotten how bad his record actually is. He'll get no bouquets from me or from other members from Western Australia, because he has left us with record ramping hours in WA, particularly at my local hospital, the Peel Health Campus. WA Labor have had six years now, and they've done nothing to fix the Peel Health Campus. Less than two weeks ago, we had black mould in the hospital, forcing an evacuation of many patients. It was the former Coalition Government that funded the upgrade of the emergency department with $25 million for the hospital.

WA Labor has completely overlooked our region's infrastructure, with delays to the Tonkin Highway, a freeway critical to the economic development of my region; and delays to the Pinjarra heavy haulage deviation, with $200 million from the former Coalition Government—to get 600 trucks every day out of Pinjarra—delayed and probably cut by this government. So, Prime Minister, we'll see you in 18 months. Bring it on.