Parliamentary Speech: Constable Anthony Woods


I thank the minister for the opportunity to join with those on his side in expressing our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Constable Anthony Woods. One of the things that distinguishes Australia from many other countries is that, despite our vast continent, we are governed by the rule of law. From Hobart to Darwin to Perth and everywhere in between, we lived together under the law. This doesn't just happen spontaneously; it's because every day in every jurisdiction, state and territory, brave men and women get up in the morning, put on their uniform and go and do their job as police officers. They enforce the law. They promote order and safety on behalf of us all, so, when they fall in the line of duty, it's right and proper in this place that we acknowledge the work that they do on our behalf. That's why, today, we are acknowledging the death of Constable Anthony Woods, who fell in the line of duty on 11 June 2023, the 88th Western Australian police officer to fall serving their community.

Constable Woods was a member of the WA Police Force and had been for several years. He succumbed to his injuries four days after suffering them on duty in a very horrific accident, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Emily; his family; his colleagues at Belmont Police Station and the wider WA Police Force. Our thoughts and prayers also with Constable Woods' fellow officers who went to his aid and the first responders to this tragedy. He was only 28 years old. He just passed his probation with the force, having joined the police cadets and 2019 and having moved to the recruit squad in 2021. He had a whole career ahead of him. As the member for Perth highlighted, he was much loved by family and friends. He was involved in his local community, and his loss will be keenly felt. But his loss reminds us of the sacrifice and the service of our police officers, and we honour them today by honouring him, and we will be thinking of his family in the coming weeks and months.