Statement: AUKUS Advances

Friday 15 December 2023

The Opposition welcomes the momentous achievement for AUKUS in Washington D.C. today. Both houses of US Congress have made history in passing the National Defense Authorization Act, bringing Australia, and our Navy, another vital step closer to acquiring conventionally armed nuclear-powered submarines.

AUKUS is fundamentally a political project, uniting Australia with our friends, the US and the UK, in a shared ambition for a more peaceful, stable and secure world.

Since the founding of AUKUS, pioneered by the former Coalition Government, the Coalition has been resolute in its support for what remains a bipartisan, multigenerational, whole-of-nation endeavour.

With today's important contribution from US Congress, and President Biden now due to sign the bill into law, all eyes are on Australia to pull our weight in this trilateral partnership.

AUKUS demands total national, industrial and economic commitment from the Australian Government. Anything less will put the enterprise at risk.

With today's progress, much more will be expected from Australia, and we will have to deliver.

AUKUS demands focused and energetic political leadership over the decades ahead. We cannot have any weak links in this chain of stewardship.

The Coalition is pleased to see the U.S. legislative framework progress as we work alongside our partners to realise AUKUS.

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