Statement: PM Must Stand Strong On AUKUS


Tuesday 21 March 2023

The Opposition is calling on the Prime Minister to unify his party on AUKUS after three Labor MPs questioned the decision to acquire nuclear powered submarines.

It is concerning that the Member for Fremantle rose in Parliament to question the Government’s decision, particularly since his community will be one of the greatest beneficiaries of AUKUS.

Today, the Member for Higgins and the Member for Corangamite have also questioned the acquisition of nuclear submarines.

This equivocation on AUKUS follows Paul Keating’s scathing criticism of the Albanese government at the National Press Club.

Labor is fracturing within just one week of the Prime Minister’s commitment to AUKUS.

The Coalition welcomes the Government’s decision to acquire nuclear submarines and will continue to provide bipartisan support for AUKUS.

AUKUS is a multigenerational, nation-building task — it is simply too important to fail.

The Prime Minister must show political leadership because if he cannot unite his party on this vital commitment to national security, how does he expect to unite the nation?