Statement: US Congress Legislation

Wednesday 13 December 2023

The Coalition welcomes legislation agreed to by US Congress which brings Australia another step closer to acquiring nuclear-powered submarines.

The US, alongside the UK, is Australia’s closest security partner and we welcome the deepening of this relationship.

The Coalition recognises the strategic challenges we face in our region and want to see AUKUS, including the rotation, acquisition and construction of nuclear-powered submarines in Australia, achieved at best speed.

AUKUS, announced by the former Coalition government, is a multigenerational political project that will span successive governments across our three countries. It demands focused and energetic political leadership over the decades ahead. We cannot have any weak links in this chain of stewardship.

The Coalition is pleased to see this legislative framework put in place as we work alongside our partners to realise AUKUS.

We will be relentlessly focused on delivery, in a timely manner, given our strategic circumstances. Failure is not an option.

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