Take action on Australian sovereignty

Take action on Australian sovereignty

Australia faces big challenges in an uncertain world. We need to keep our nation strong and protect our way of life.

The world is growing more dangerous and more disorderly. Strategic competition is on the rise.

Authoritarian regimes are seeking to reshape the global order and Australia’s position in it.

This is a generational challenge. To safeguard Australia’s future, it’s essential that we are united as a nation with the resolve to take action.

We don’t need more cancel culture. We need more courage culture.

We must ensure Australia is in a strong position to guarantee its security, prosperity, and is ready for whatever lies ahead.

Add your voice today in support of Australian sovereignty.

Thank you for your concern and support.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hastie
Member for Canning


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Dear Andrew,

I agree that it’s important to build a strong Australia in a world that’s growing more dangerous and disorderly.

We face deep uncertainty over the next decade. As the influence of authoritarian regimes grow, Australia must stand strong.

You can count on my support as you work for Australia’s security and sovereignty.