Securing Australia's Recovery: Budget 2021-22

Last week Treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down the 2021-22 federal budget.

The strategy of the budget is clear: to secure our national recovery and protect Australia's interests in a rapidly changing world.

Because a strong country needs a strong economy.

Through the pandemic, JobKeeper protected the employment of 3.8 million workers. JobSeeker supported 1.5 million unemployed people.

800,000 businesses and not-for-profits were assisted with the Cashflow Boost. 

This came at a significant cost.

But Australia is now ahead of any advanced economy, with the employment rate better than pre-pandemic levels.  

This is a budget is designed to keep Australia on a firm path through the global pandemic.

In Canning, around 54,200 taxpayers will benefit from further tax relief for low and middle income earners - $1080 for individuals, or $2160 for couples.

The instant asset write off will be continued, which will help local 14,100 businesses invest in our region invest.

We have around 1,180 apprentices in Canning and the extension of the JobTrainer Fund will lead to more opportunities for young people to enter the workforce.

We want to honour hard work, and stimulate spending through our economy.

In Western Australia the Morrison Government has committed $1.6 billion for projects that ease congestion, connect communities and improve road safety. In Canning, that means funding is locked in for the projects we announced last week:

The Government has also listened closely to the shocking results of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, one of the PM's first major acts in office.

As a consequence, we are investing $17.7 billion into aged care. This is designed to bring generational change to the sector. Our plan prioritises more home care options and higher quality residential aged care. It will mean better training, support and governance for carers.

This Budget will also make childcare more affordable for families in Canning, list more lifesaving medications on the PBS, and extend telehealth services. 

And perhaps most significantly, the Morrison Government is investing heavily to build a stronger, more lethal ADF - $270 billion over the next decade. 

By contrast, Defence and national security were not mentioned at all last night in Anthony Albanese's 35 minute budget reply speech.

It's a reminder that when Labor was last in power, Defence spending fell to its lowest level since 1938.

Mr Albanese's lack of vision for Australia's defence is a very troubling sign from the man who wants to be our next Prime Minister.

The Morrison Government's budget will keep Australia on a path through the global pandemic, while developing the defence capability that our country needs.

As our region — and the world — changes, we are ready for whatever lies ahead. 

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