Hundreds Attend South African Forum

Tonight Mr Andrew Hastie MP hosted a forum in Lakelands with the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, the Hon Alan Tudge MP, to discuss the persecution of South African Farmers.

The forum was attended by over 600 people from around Mandurah, the Peel region and Perth, who had the opportunity to speak with the Minister directly about their experiences and concerns.

Many attendees shared harrowing stories of violent physical and sexual attacks suffered by their families, neighbours and friends in South Africa. The Minister was asked questions about the pathways to Australia available for those seeking to flee such violence, and what Australian government could do to help.

Mr Hastie said he was grateful the Minister could attend and hear from some of the people who had contacted him about this issue.

“Australia has a generous, non-discriminatory humanitarian visa program that is able to respond to need and crises,” Mr Hastie said. “Since the 1970s our nation has accepted suffering people from around the world through this program, and we should be proud of that.”

“It is in that spirit that I believe we should be responding to the awful situation endured by many in South Africa.”

“Tonight people were able to bring their concerns and share their stories directly with a Minister of the Government. I’m thankful to Minister Tudge for providing them that opportunity.”

“I will continue to make their voice heard in Canberra.”

The event was also attended by Mr Ian Goodenough MP, Member for Moore, and Mr Ben Morton MP, Member for Tangey.

Mr Hastie and Minister Tudge today also met with members of the Byford Multicultural Club, the Peel Multicultural Association, and the Peel Islamic Association.