Labor Lies About Preschool

Today the Labor candidate for Canning told a complete lie about childcare funding in Canning.

There have been no cuts to childcare under the Coalition government.

In fact, under the Coalition’s policy, this year $2.8 million will be provided for over 2200 local pre-schoolers in Canning.

The Labor Party should be ashamed of themselves. Former Labor Member Barry Urban lied about his credentials, now Labor’s candidate for Canning is lying about policy. Labor cannot be trusted on basic facts, let alone governing for Australia. 

The Coalition’s reforms will inject an extra $2.5 billion into the childcare system and is set to benefit over 3950 families across Canning.

The reforms provide the highest rate of subsidy to people on the lowest income levels and more hours of subsidy to those who work the most.

We’re increasing the base subsidy from around 72 per cent to 85 per cent for the more than 370,000 families earning around $66,958 or less a year.

The preschool program is a national partnership with states and territories to ensure all children have access to 15 hours of quality early learning per week in the year before school.

Labor should fund the Tonkin Highway extension and expand the Peel Health Campus. They should focus on delivering for the people of the Peel region, rather than telling lies to them.