Statement: Local Bank Closure Hurts Regional Community

Regional Australians rely on local services. That’s why shutting down local bank branches is a bad decision.

We’re struggling with a once-in-a-generation cost of living crisis and shutting down bank branches sends a message that big corporates like NAB just don’t care.

Especially when they’re focused on elitist agendas like the Voice to Parliament.

Local banks are the centre of our regional communities, and their closures hurt residents, sporting groups and small businesses.

I’ve seen first-hand how closures have a negative flow-on effect to the rest of the community

The closure of NAB in Waroona is symbolic of a broader attack on regional financial services, recently identified in the Senate Inquiry into bank closures in regional areas.

Here’s an idea for NAB: spend more time looking after your regional customers and forget about trying to win the favour of urban elites who will never be pleased anyway.