Statement: Peel Health Campus Ambulance Ramping

Friday 28 April 2023

It’s surprising to see our local Members of Parliament in the Peel region come out this week to ‘spruik’ news of reduced ambulance ramping hours at Peel Health Campus.

Until recently, we have had nothing but radio silence from David Templeman, Robyn Clarke and Lisa Munday.

Last month, the Member for Dawesville, Lisa Munday, used an insensitive op-ed in the Coastal Times to defend Peel Health Campus’ shocking ambulance ramping figures.

Her comments were incorrect, out of touch, and dismissive of the experiences of many community members at our local hospital.

It is disgraceful that WA Labor are happy to acknowledge reduced ramping hours - which I agree is good news for our community - but stay silent when the community is crying out for action.

Where were David Templeman, Robyn Clarke and Lisa Munday just four months ago in December 2022, when ambulance ramping at Peel Health Campus hit a record high of 643.9 hours?

And now they are more than happy to take credit for the hard work of our hospital's emergency staff, who have managed to turn around ramping figures without assistance from the State Government.

The truth is that WA Labor doesn’t care when the going gets tough, they only care about face.

It’s time for Labor to lift their game and get on with the job of fixing the Peel Health Campus.

You deserve local MPs who do what you trusted them to do instead of disappearing at the first sign of a crisis.