Statement: Victory In Europe Day

Monday 8 May 2023

Today, we commemorate the 78th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (VE Day), marking the end of World War Two.

On 7 May 1945, after almost six years of fighting, the German High Command signed an unconditional surrender and the following day, the Allies declared 8 May, VE Day.

Australians at home and abroad rejoiced the victory and on 9 May, 100,000 people attended a service at the Shine of Remembrance in Melbourne.

However, celebrations were restricted by the reality of the ongoing war in the Pacific.

Although Germany had surrendered, Australians fought on in the Borneo campaign, while fighting continued in Bougainville, New Britain and in New Guinea until the Japanese surrendered in August 1945.

Today on VE Day, we remember Australia’s efforts across the European theatre of war and honour the nearly one million men and women who served, including the more than 39,000 Australians who never returned home.

Lest we forget.