Defend our day 🇦🇺 #AustraliaDay

Australia Day is under siege by politicians, corporate elites and unelected bureaucrats.

Constant attacks on our national holiday have politicised what should be a day of celebration and unity.

Prime Minister Albanese promised not to change Australia Day. But thanks to changes from the Albanese Government, 81 local councils have now canceled their Australia Day citizenship celebrations.

Woolworths and BIG-W have announced they will not stock Australia Day merchandise, including the Australian flag!

And Labor’s handpicked UK High Commissioner and former Labor Minister Stephen Smith canceled Australia Day celebrations in London.

These are all attacks aimed at ending Australia Day for good.

Lets stop the attacks on Australia Day, and restore it as a day of reflection and celebration of our great nation.


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We call on politicians, corporations and bureaucrats to stop their war on Australia Day, January 26th.

Will you sign?