Delivering for You

Delivering for You

I’m Andrew Hastie, your Federal Member for Canning.

In my previous career I served as an officer in the Australian Defence Force, leading Aussie diggers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Darwin and the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in Perth.

It was a privilege to serve the people of Australia in uniform and it’s an honour to do so as your representative in Canberra.

I’m passionate about our local community and want to see it thrive. I'm working hard to deliver better local infrastructure, essential services and job opportunities to make sure our region remains one of the best places to live in WA.

Australia faces many challenges in the decade ahead.

I am confident that, with strong, courageous and principled leadership Australians can meet these challenges, as we have before in our nations' history.

My mission as your MP is simple: to stand up for our region and help keep Australians safe.  

Andrew lives in Mandurah with his wife Ruth and his children, Jonathan, Beatrice, and newborn Jemimah. 

Click here to read Andrew's first speech to parliament.

These are just some of the projects I've delivered for our community since becoming your local member: 


Mandurah Estuary Bridge - $50 MILLION

to upgrade the three lane Bridge

Mandurah Waterfront - $7 MILLION

to build the new foreshore pool, skatepark, and playground

More Doctors For Peel

Region's status reclassified to help doctor shortage

Peel Health Campus - $25 MILLION

to upgrade the Peel Health Campus

Lakelands Train Station - $64 MILLION

After years of grassroots campaigning, Lakelands Train Station is fully funded

Mandurah Railway Station - $16 MILLION

for more parking bays at Mandurah Railway Station

Lakelands Park - $300,000

to install floodlights for the new ovals 

Fishability Mandurah - $20,000

to help build a boat to be used to provide social and recreation services for people with disabilities 

Peel-based native flora and fauna - $12 MILLION

for 4 projects aimed at protecting and fostering Peel-based native flora and fauna

Reskilling retrenched workers - $10.3 MILLION

to assist retrenched workers reskill and find new jobs

Mandurah Trade Skills Centre - $3.3 MILLION

for the Mandurah Trade Skills Centre at Coodanup Community College

Peel Youth Medical Service Health Hub - $2 MILLION

to build the Peel Youth Medical Service (PYMS) Health Hub

Lakelands Train Station - Business Case - $2 MILLION

for the business case to build a new train station in Lakelands

Port Bouvard Surf Live Saving Club - $1 MILLION

to redevelop the Port Bouvard Surf Life Saving Club

New Theatre and Performing Arts Centre - $750,000

for a new theatre and performing arts centre at Foundation Christian College

Innovation Grant - $520,000

to help local innovators commercialise their product

Nidjalla Waangan Mia - Replacement Vehicle - $20,000

to purchase a replacement vehicle to transport Indigenous patients for Nidjalla Waangan Mia

Port Bouvard Recreation and Sporting Club - Upgrades - $15,000

to upgrade junior dinghies and change-rooms at the Port Bouvard Recreation and Sporting Club

Mums Cottage - Upgrades - $10,200

to upgrade the garden, kitchen, and laundry facilities at the Mums Cottage in Mandurah

Port Bouvard Recreation and Sporting Club - Upgrades - $9,200

for upgrades at the Port Bouvard Recreation and Sporting Club

Mandurah RSL Sub-Branch - Upgrades - $8,400

for security cameras at the new Mandurah RSL premises to ensure its safety

Coodanup Community Garden - Upgrades - $2,600

to upgrade the community garden in Coodanup

Peel Aquatic Club - $5,250

to provide a new timing system

South Mandurah Cricket Club - $5,500

to install a new training net

Mandurah Ocean Club - $10,000

to upgrade the Mandurah Ocean club shed

Port Bouvard Pistol & Small Bore Rifle Club - $5,000

for solar panel installation

Halls Head Country Croquet Club - $8,045

for solar panel installation

St John Ambulance - $5,200

to purchase a marquee

Mandurah Southern Districts Volunteer Bushfire
Brigade - $7,500

to help build a patio and BBQ area

Mandurah Volleyball Association - $3,400

to help purchase league-standard equipment

Safe Woman Safe Family - $4,735

for security system upgrades and installation


Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation - $200 MILLION

to build the Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation getting trucks out of town and making the roads safer. 

Peel Business Park - $21.75 MILLION

to develop local industry and job opportunities through the construction of the Peel Business Park

More Doctors For Peel

Region's status reclassified to help doctor shortage

Bedingfeld Park Aged Care Facility - Expansion $3.5 MILLION

to expand Bedingfeld Park Aged Care Facility in Pinjarra

Dwellingup National Trails Centre - $4.7 MILLION

to build the Dwellingup National Trails Centre

North Dandalup Centre for Innovation in Agriculture - $2.5 MILLION

to build the North Dandalup Centre for Innovation in Agriculture

Practical Skills College - $1 MILLION

to build a practical skills building at Austin Cove Baptist College

Region Arts Marquee - $33,375

to build the Region Arts Marquee at the Fairbridge Festival where local artists and businesses can showcase their work

Don Spark Reserve Play Space - $20,000

to help build a play space at the Don Spark Reserve in Coolup

Kingfisher Park BMX Facility - $20,000

to upgrade the Kingfisher Park BMX Facility in North Yunderup

Hotham Valley Tourist Railway - $4,350

to assist Hotham Valley Tourist Railway W.A. Inc. volunteers

Dwellingup Volunteer Fire Brigade - $3,500

for additional blowers/chain saws for the Dwellingup Volunteer Fire Brigade volunteer firefighters`

Pinjarra Community Men's Shed - $9,000

to install a battery bank

Serpentine Jarrahdale 

Tonkin Highway Extension - $404 MILLION

to extend the Tonkin Highway and connect it to the South Western Highway, south of Mundijong Road

Armadale to Byford Train Line - $241 MILLION

to extend the Armadale train line to Byford

Tonkin Highway Interchanges - $183 MILLION

to upgrade Tonkin Highway Interchanges

Thomas Road/Nicholson Road Intersection - $10 MILLION

to upgrade the Thomas Road/Nicholson Road intersection

Dangerous Blackspot Funding - $5.5 MILLION

to fix 18 dangerous road blackspots, including Croydon, Kargotich and Karnup Roads

Beenyup Brook Bridge - $1.6 MILLION

for a new bridge over Beenyup Brook in Byford 

Byford Country Club Commercial Kitchen - $245,000

to build and fit out the Byford Country Club Commercial Kitchen

Byford Glades Estate - Community Garden - $20,000

to establish a community garden in the Byford Glades Estate

Manjedal Activity Centre Upgrades - $20,000

to upgrade facilities at the Manjedal Activity Centre in Karrakup

Lightweight Motorcycle Club - Pre-race staging area $15,300

for a pre-race staging area for Lightweight Motorcycle Club in Whitby

Mundijong Oval - Upgrades - $15,000

to upgrade the lighting system at Mundijong Oval

Child Care Facility - $7,000

to provide a child care facility with furniture, toys, and fencing at the Byford & Districts Country Club


Quambie Park Aged Care Services Expansion - $1.6 MILLION

to expand aged care services Quambie Park Waroona

Waroona Men's Shed - $200,000

to help build the Waroona Men's Shed

New Community Centre - $95,000

to build a new community centre in Preston Beach

CCTV/Lighting $22,703

to install CCTV and lighting in key areas throughout Waroona

Waroona Youth Centre - $10,000

to renovate the kitchen at the Waroona Youth Centre

Quambie Park Waroona - $12,000

to upgrade an air conditioner unit

Preston Beach Community Garden

to help build a storage shed at the community garden


The Hills

Cross Park - $500,000

to build a new pavilion for the Roleystone Karragullen Cricket Club and Roleystone Netball Club

Roleystone Men's Shed - $20,000

to support electrical works at the new Roleystone Men’s Shed

Bedfordale Hall - $17,000

to build a patio at the Bedfordale Hall

Roleystone Country Club - $15,000

to build a playground at the Roleystone Country Club

Roleystone Gymnastics Club - $14,500

to replace the gymnastics floor at the Roleystone Gymnastics Club and purchase equipment

Roleystone Community College P&C - $11,000

for storage shed upgrades at Roleystone Community College

Roleystone Netball Club - $6,000

to purchase storage equipment and upgrade Roleystone Netball Club seating

Mar Thoma Parish - $12,000

to install solar panels

Roleystone Tennis Club - $20,000

to upgrade the club kitchen