In Defence Of Our Flag

Since it was first raised 120 years ago, Australians have stood together under one flag.

Together under one flag, we have fought and died, worked and raised families, and built a great and prosperous nation.

I'm proud of the Australian flag and what it represents.

It's the only flag I wore on my left shoulder in the Australian Defence Force.

It's the only flag that I was prepared to fight and die for on operations.

And it's the only flag that I serve under as a Commonwealth Parliamentarian.

I hope the flag makes you feel a sense of gratitude for Australia, and a sense of responsibility to preserve it.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Hastie
Member for Canning


18,007 pledges

Dear Andrew,

I pledge to stand in defence of the Australian flag.

I pledge to stand against all attempts to divide us with identity politics.

And I pledge to fight for Australia and all our flag represents—fairness, mateship and courage.

Will you sign?