Support for Workers in Mandurah


Andrew Hastie MP has announced that retrenched workers in Mandurah will be eligible for assistance from the $10.3 million Stronger Transitions Package. 

Mr Hastie said that Mandurah had been identified as one of five key regional areas Australia-wide that could access the package, which will focus on preparing workers in transitioning industries for jobs beyond their current employment. 

“If workers do face retrenchment, the government will ensure there is support ready for them. That includes training and skills transitioning services, intensive jobactive support, relocation options and access to small business opportunities.” Mr Hastie said. 

Mr Hastie said that support would begin prior to a worker’s retrenchment date and continue for months afterwards to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible. 

“Work confers dignity and gives purpose. This package is about saying to workers in Mandurah: the federal government has your back. We support you.” 

Minister Michaela Cash, Minister for Employment said that from 1 July 2018, retrenched workers will receive targeted support to help them move into their next job. 

“The Australian Government is offering additional support because evidence from the automotive industry shows that helping people before they are retrenched better prepares them to move to their next job, including the jobs of the future,” Minister Cash said. 

“Stronger Transitions will help workers back into employment, with elements of the support package based on the highly successful automotive industry Growth Fund model where government and business worked together to connect workers with new opportunities.” 

In addition to Mandurah, support will be made available in Adelaide, North Queensland, North/North-West Tasmania and Melbourne North/West.

The Stronger Transitions package contains five measures to support workers to transition into new work, including: 

Skills and training support 

  • Partnerships with participating businesses to help their workers move into new employment. Targeted services may include career advice, training and recognition of prior learning, skills assessment, access to language, literacy and numeracy, digital literacy and online job search support. 

Employment support 

  • Immediate access for retrenched workers in the five identified regions to the Australian Government’s employment services, including access to intensive, personalised support and comprehensive skills assessments. 

Better connecting skilled workers to employers and training 

  • The recently announced Mandurah Employment Facilitator role will continue to help affected workers to identify and pursue new employment opportunities. The Employment Facilitator roles in North Queensland, Adelaide and North/North-West Tasmania will be extended to June 2020. From 1 January 2018, further support will be provided to retrenched workers in the Melbourne North/West region through a newly appointed Employment Facilitator. 
  • Jobs Fairs will be held in Mandurah along with the other four identified regions to connect workers and people looking for work directly with employers. 

Supporting workers to relocate for new jobs 

  • Immediate access to the Australian Government’s Relocation Assistance to Take Up a Job Programme for workers under the Stronger Transitions package and current Structural Adjustment packages, including retrenched workers from the automotive industry. 

Providing access to small business opportunities 

  • Support for retrenched workers to pursue small business opportunities by allowing access to the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme three months prior to retrenchment. 


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