MRIs Now Fully Bulk Billed at SKG Mandurah

Patients in Mandurah and the Peel region will now be able to access lifesaving scans for cancer, stroke, heart and other medical conditions, with the Morrison Government announcing a new MRI licence for SKG Radio.

This MRI licence means locals will be able to access a Medicare rebate for an estimated 3,719 services a year – saving lives and reducing the costs for patients.

“This is really exciting news for our community,” said Member for Canning, Andrew Hastie.

“Thanks to this investment by the Morrison Government, patients across the Peel region will have access to eligible bulk-billed MRI scans. They will no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for the service.”

“Families shouldn’t have to worry about whether a trip to the doctor will require an expensive MRI they can’t afford,” said Mr Hastie. “We’re making healthcare more affordable in Mandurah.”

“Patients will receive the Medicare-covered MRI services from March.”

An MRI is a commonly used medical scan which gives a detailed view of the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, ligaments, brain tissue, discs and blood vessels.

It is used by doctors to diagnose and monitor a number of different medical conditions including cancer, trauma and sporting injuries.

Minister for Health Greg Hunt said the Liberal National Government is helping Australians stay healthy and keeping down the cost of healthcare for families.

“Our plan for a strong economy means we continue to deliver record funding for essential services such as Medicare, public hospitals and life-saving medicines,” Minister Hunt said.

“Not only will our new Medicare support ensure patients get better treatment and save money, it will also cut down the amount of time patients travel to get a scan.”

“Our investment in MRI licences of over $375 million over the forward estimates for 50 new locations around the country delivers on the Government’s commitment to improve access and outcomes for patients.”

“Unlike Labor we have also committed to reduce the cost for patients by indexing targeted diagnostic imaging services including mammography, fluoroscopy, CT scans and interventional procedures.

“Under the Liberal National Government, Medicare spending is guaranteed and increasing every year from $24 billion in 2017–18 to $28.8 billion in 2021–22 to support health care for every Australian.”

“The Government is committed to delivering improved health services which includes increased hospital funding with an extra $8 billion for hospitals taking it to $29.5 billion over five years,” Minister Hunt said.

The Liberal National Government’s strong economic management ensures the continued record investment of funding into vital health initiatives including mental health, life-saving medicines, Medicare and hospitals.